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TRIDO: the next generation of magnetic construction toys.

It's always a good idea to look on Kickstarter for new and upcoming products. A lot of creative people try to introduce new fantastic products that can make you scream 'Want!!!'. In some cases they collect enough money so they can finally produce the stuff they want to sell in the nearby future.

This week we noticed 'Trido', an 'ultimate magnetic construction toy based on the geometry of Platonic solids'. You can explore concepts in science, geometry and math, while you develop motor skills, reasoning, and dimensional and spatial thinking. But most importantly, you will have fun while doing it.

TRIDO is a toy for all ages, perfect for any number of uses, including fidgeting, relaxation, idea boosting, and playtime. You can play with TRIDO on your own or in a group, and you can even invent your own TRIDO uses. For example imagine playing magnetic Jenga with it!

For now it isn't really sure if TRIDO will ever get in production but they have our full support and we're looking forward to play with it!


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