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Flexo is a lot like LEGO, but...

You can build almost anything with LEGO, but most creations are quite inflexible. If you want your Lego creations to bend, now you can pick up some Flexo bricks, which are bendable bricks designed to work inside your Lego builds.

Flexo bricks have two parts: the rigid brick and a flexible joint. Two bricks join together with a joint and bend, twist, or stretch in any direction. Flexo bricks are compatible with Legos and other types of building bricks, so they're easy to incorporate into your existing projects.

The FLEXO bricks will initially be produced in FLEXO orange, but many people have already been asking for more neutral coloured FLEXO bricks. The goal is to have FLEXO being less intrusive when integrated into LEGO models.

So, what exactly can you build with Flexo, other than, say, a catapult, swing bridge, bow and arrow? It really depends on your imagination!


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