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The LEGO Hair Bike Helmet

The 'LEGO Hair Bike Helmet' by Simon Higby and Clara Prior is a smart head protection prototype that pokes fun at the term "helmet hair." The pair were initially inspired to begin designing a helmet in response to finding that a high number of kids do not wear helmets when cycling and as a result, many of them are injured as a result. To remedy this, the LEGO Hair Bike Helmet was designed as a helmet that you would really want to wear. In fact, we actually think it looks more like a Playmobil-version :-) What's most unique about the creation of this helmet is that the duo scanned a piece of LEGO hair from a toy and then created a child-sized model that could actually be fitted to a child's head. While the helmet is still in the prototype stages, it presents a fun and creative solution to child safety. Would you wear it? We will!


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